About Us

Our mission is to provide holistic ABA therapy to individuals on the Autism Spectrum by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, emphasizing emotional well-being, and catering to each child’s beautiful uniqueness. We seek to empathize, encourage and empower each child on their terms. 

Why Choose Us


We don't believe in "cookie cutter" programming and tailor goals to each client.

Trauma Informed

All behavior plans and programming are developed using trauma-informed care


We partner with clinicians across disciplines to provide cohesive and holistic treatment.


Our center prioritizes outings and community engagement for our clients.

Our Services

1-1 ABA Therapy

We provide ABA therapy to individuals diagnosed with Autism across a number of settings including our center, in home, and in school.

Parent Training

Parenting doesn't come with a handbook! We provide both individual and group parent training to give you the tools to tackle challenging behaviors.

Speech Therapy

We partner with Better Together Speech Therapy to provide individual ST services to our clients.

Music Therapy

We partner with Heartfelt Harmonies to provide group and individual music therapy to our clients.

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